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Soda Blasting

Need to clean a surface of smoke stains, paint and other coatings, surface residue, corrosion, or grease and oils?

Our professionals utilise the non-abrasive action method of soda blasting to remove impurities from practically any surface, especially those that might be harmed by using a more abrasive cleaning medium.

Compressed air is used to accelerate sodium bicarbonate particles (similar to baking soda) held in the "blast pot" of a self-contained soda blasting system to a speed of more than 600 mph through a specially made nozzle. These particles break into tiny fragments when they touch the surface, "exploding" materials from the surface to be cleaned without harming the surface itself.

Soda blasting is an excellent cleaning technique that causes the least amount of damage to the surface being cleaned, which is environmentally benign and biodegradable. On the inside and external surfaces of the structure that has to be cleaned, it can be used on metal, wood, or masonry.

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